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The Fed and America’s Financial Reckoning Day


Great article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin-  He clearly identifies the ills of our current monetary system and why the founding fathers were against a central bank!!  I urge you to read this and then start reading the true words of the founders!  Ron Paul has been urging America to wake up and return to the constitutional sound money system for many years!!!

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Debt Deal Reached!!


Breaking news is that a deal has been reached on the debt ceiling fiasco!  Read the article linked here.  From what I see there is no real reduction in spending and no real plan for reduction of the deficit.  Washington DC is simply kicking the can down the road, as usual!!  This will allow the government to continue running up deficits until after the 2012 elections.  This is just an attempt to lull the American people to sleep so they will go into the polls next November and vote for the status quo!  DO NOT BE FOOLED!!  This deal is a sham and we are still on the edge of the cliff.

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Former NSA and CIA Chief advocates cyber Blackwater


You think there is any privacy in America anymore?  Keep posting those facebook updates letting everyone know your every move!!  Michael Hayden said, “We may come to a point where defense is more actively and aggressively defined even for the private sector and what is permitted there is something that we would never let the private sector do in physical space… Let me really throw out a bumper sticker for you. How about a digital Blackwater?”

Can anyone say Obama’s civilian security force?? How about the DHS See Something- Say Something capmaign? How about TSA scanners at the airports? Is anyone else awake here??

Hayden famously had this to say about the 4th Amendment:

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How the media downplays Ron Paul and his supporters


Three years ago I was one of those standard Republicans..  You know, support the military, support the war in Iraq, government is generally good but needs to be smaller, less taxes, etc.   I recall vividly having a conversation with a friend at church.  He was one of the “Ron Paul” people and I was a Huckabee guy.  I spewed the typical Republican babble that Ron Paul is an isolationist and we need someone who can beat Obama.  In my mind Ron Paul was “unelectable”. 

Oh, how truly uninformed I was!  I have spent the last three years educating myself on the founding fathers, the history of America, our place in the world, etc.  I now know that Ron Paul is the absolute best candidate in this GOP field.  People say Ron Paul is not a real republican because he has libertarian views.  I say Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate on the ticket.  All conservatives should have libertarian views in their hearts.  If we love liberty, if we love the constitution, if we believe that our rights come from God not government, how could we ever think that Mitt Romney (socialist health care in Mass.), Rick Perry (Bilderberg, Trans TX Corridor, former Al Gore campaign manager), or Michelle Bachmann (former IRS attorney) are real “Republicans”?  Ron Paul is a true Republican if you actually know what a Republican is..  Think Thomas Jefferson here. 

Since when did being pro-life, pro states rights, pro sound money, pro ending the fed, pro eliminating the federal debt, pro ending entangling foreign alliances, and pro not being involved in needless wars become “fringe” or “kooky” ideals?

Ron Paul has an absolute 100% consistent track record of voting in line with the constitution.  All other candidates are operating in a political paradigm that is an absolute farce, ie. supporting the unconstitutional patriot act, supporting meaningless dedt reduction plans, supporting continued military imperialism.  Will Mitt Romney (socialist health care in Mass.), Rick Perry (Bilerberg, trans TX corridor, former Al Gore campaign manager), or Michele Bachmann (former IRS attorney) really be a constitutional president?

I meet so many people who say they like Ron Paul’s views but think he is “unelectable”.  I say bravo sierra!!  If his views line up with your views get out and join the revolution.  Why is it that Ron Paul has more true grassroots support than any other candidate?  We are awake.  We know what the stakes are.  We are not going to let the ship go down without a fight to the death if need be.

The stakes are incredible.  America is literally on the precupice of a total collapse.  How could you go to sleep at night knowing that you did not do your part to restore the republic? 

I say Ron Paul is absolutely 100% electable.  If all those who agree with his views will put there support behind him and get involved he will win the GOP nomination in a landslide.

For liberty!!!

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The real Black Robe Regiment


Pastor Chuck Baldwin, if anyone has been paying attention to the real patriot movement in the country, was a candidate for President of the United States in 2008 on the Constitution Party ticket.  He founded and pastored a church in Pensacola for 35 years until 6 months ago when he moved his family to Montana.  He formed a real Black Robe Regiment of preachers in 2007.  This was prior to Glenn Beck’s so called black robe regiment.  What does Beck’s group stand for??  Who knows.   But we know what Baldwin’s regiment stands for!! 

Recall that the flames of the American Revolution were fanned from the pulpit in colonial America.  Preachers today are so afraid of losing their tax exempt status that they won’t speak out against slavery and oppression here in America.  They won’t speak out against a corrupt government out of fear.  Too many pastors today are slaves to the IRS.  Baldwin has started a new ministry in MT and it is not tax exempt so he is free to fan the flames of liberty!!  We need more principled men like this in America!

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“We The People Act”- HR958


I know most are distracted by the debt ceiling debate right now but I cam across this post and thought it worthwhile to pass along.  Ron Paul has proposed the above named bill every year for about the last 7 years in congress.  In 2011 it has no co-sponsors, which means it will not get out of committee.  HR958 would prohibit federal courts from adjudicating cases about state laws on religious freedom and “privacy,” including sexual orientation and abortion. It would also punish any judges violating the established limits by removing them from power.
This legislation is “Republican” in every sense of the word.  Why are the so-called conservatives in Congress not signing on to this.  It will legally go around Roe- v Wade.  As I might add there had been over 50 million abortions in America since Roe v Wade was passed in 1973.  What a travesty!!!!!

We must get the word out that Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that is a true republican!

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List of Republicans who voted against Boehner bill


22 Republican Congressmen voted against the Boehner debt reduction plan.  The bill passed and was sent to the Senate where it was immediately defeated.  The 22 who voted against a debt limit increase should be commended.  They include the likes of Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Connie Mack, and others.

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All charges against Michigan front yard gardener dropped!


If you have been paying attention to news that matters you would know that Julie Bass was being harassed by the City of Oak Park, MI and faced jail time stemming from her desire to grow a vegetable garden in her front yard.  The alternative media scrutiny literally led to the city managers hiding in their offices when confronted by outraged and concerned citizens.  It’s amazing,  the MAN is so powerful when hiding behind regulations and the guise of law.  However, when the MAN is wrong and knows it he will cower if confronted.  Julie Bass had the people on her side and she stood for what was right!   All charges have been dropped.

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