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The Future For Herman Cain


A day after Herman Cain’s presidential campaign was rocked by yet another allegation of impropriety he is now taking a couple days to reassess his campaign.  The latest allegation involves a woman named Ginger White who claims that she had an affair with Herman Cain that lasted more than a decade.  Herman Cain has big problems.  His strategy so far has been to follow the mantle of morality, Bill Clinton, and deny everything and hope that nothing sticks. 

Are conservatives still fooled by this candidate?  Do they still believe he is a tea party patriot?  Evidence is mounting that should make the answer obvious.

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Meet Ginger White


Ginger White is the latest woman to come forward with allegations against Herman Cain.  White alleges a 13 year affair with Herman Cain going back to the late 1990′s.  See the video of her interview here:,0,7658593.story?track=rss

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Newt Gingrich- The New Tea Party Flavor Of The Month


The media and political establishment has made blatant attempts to squelch the message of liberty and prop up phony conservatives to “challenge” Mitt Romney in the GOP primary process.  All attempts thus far have failed. 

Rick Perry’s big government, globalism loving, sovereignty grabbing, liberal skeletons have essentially derailed his campaign and have exposed him as a phony conservative.

Herman Cain, fresh off of his Florida Straw Poll a couple months ago, was propped up as a tea party darling.  He shot to the top of the polls until people learned that he was anything but conservative.  As a former Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank chairman, supporter of the bailout, and supporter of a national sales tax Herman Cain has been exposed.  Need we mention the mounting allegations of marital impropriety and sexual harassment that are making headlines each day?

Now, the establishment is giving us Newt Gingrich.  And, so far the tea party is being fooled and falling in line to give their support to this globalist phony.  How can any true conservative American patriot forgive Newt for sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi and giving credence to global warming?  How can they forgive him for supporting the TARP bailout?  How can they forget that he supported a nationalized health care system?  How can they forgive him forbeing a member of the CFR?  Do not be fooled!  Gingrich is just the latest flavor of the month that is being offered up to keep well meaning, but uninformed, conservatives from hearing the true message of liberty and constitutional government.  The time is now for all patriots to finally understand what the elites are doing to us.  The time is now for patriots to rally behind the one man who does not hold a membership card to the new world order.  It is time to muster behind the champion of the constitution, Ron Paul!

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Ron Paul Leads Republican Field In Donations From Government Workers


In a story originating in Bloomberg News it has been reported that Ron Paul leads all Republican rivals in donations received from US Government workers and federal contractors.  Paul took in $95,085 from federal empoyees through Sept. 30th.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, only received $23k from federal employees.  Paul has raised $76,789 from employees of the top 50 government contractors, a group led by weapons makers such as Lockheed Martin Corp. and Raytheon Co. Romney has raised $65,800 and Rick Perry $16,250.

These statistics may seem abnormal at first glance when pondering how the status quo will change with a Paul presidency.  Ron Paul has proposed $1 trillion in spending cuts the first year in office and has pledged to eliminate 5 cabinet level agencies.  Typically one would think that government workers would be in favor of maintaining the status quo and promoting their cushy jobs and benefits.  Defense contractors also stand to see drastically reduced contracts from a Paul administration because he has pledged to bring the troops home and scale back the overseas military industrial complex.  These donations are seemingly coming from the rank and file of both categories who may have “seen the light” and realize that America is truly in dire financial straits.  Ron Paul has been saying for 30 years that it is the middle class that gets destroyed through inflation, deficits, and overseas nation building.  The everyday American, regardless of whether he works for the federal government or the private sector is starting to see that the path America is currently on will lead to destruction for him, his family, and his country.  An educated citizenry bodes well for the candidacy of Ron Paul.  As an aside this is most likely why he is literally blacked out during debates and mainstream media commentary regarding the 2012 election.  The corporate and government controllers, along with the mega bankers, cannot allow Ron Paul’s message of constitutional government and individual liberty to spread throughout main street America, as it would spell doom for their gravy train they have been riding at the expense of the American taxpayer.

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RFID Jerseys To Take Place of Roll Call In Schools


A preschool in Richmond California has installed a RFID tracking system in their school that will require students to wear jerseys with RFID trackers sewn into them.  This will take the place of the strenuous task of teachers taking roll with a pencil and notebook.  The system, which cost $50k, was paid for with federal stimulus dollars.  Do we need any more proof that our public schools and private schools that receive government funding are nothing more than indoctrination centers?  Now little Johnny is Johnny anymore, he is truly just a tracking # in an RFID system.

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Senate Will Be Voting On Legislation That Will Allow Military Detention of Americans on American Soil Without Charge


The US Government has already neutered the Bill of Rights through the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security.  The president can order the assassination of American citizens who are deemed terrorists without due process of law.  America is rapidly descending into total police state tyranny. 

This week the Senate will be voting on S1867- National Defense Authorization Act.  This bill will, according to Senator Lindsay Graham, “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield.”  Sections 1031 and 1032 of the bill will allow for military arrest and detention of American citizens on American soil without charge or trial.  If passed, this legislation will effectively nullify the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits military law enforcement activities against American civilians on American soil.  It also violates the 5th and 6th Amendments to the US Constitution.


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Stockton, CA School Police Arrest 5 Year Old


Five year old Michael Davis is diagnosed with ADHD.  According to the Stockton, CA School District Michael had behavioral issues and they had a solution to this problem.  School leaders wanted Michael to meet with a school police officer to scare him straight.

In steps Stockton, CA School District Police Lt Frank Gordo.  According to a subsequent police report it is evident that the proposed meeting did not go well.  The five year old Davis was arrested for battery on a police officer, had his hands and feet handcuffed with zip ties and taken to Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital for a mental evaluation.  In the police report, Lt. Gordo indicated, “the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee.”

There are several troublesome points in this story.  First, our public schools have become nothing more than state controlled indoctrination centers.  When children do not conform thay are evaluated and then medicated.  No other options.  If a child acts out they are arrested by the school police force, charged with crimes for things that used to be handled by calling a parent.  We are indoctrinating our children to the power of the state and allowing their minds to be molded by globalist elites who do not want critical thinkers.

Second, this police Lt. Gordo should be ashamed of himself.  Arresting a 5 year old for being kicked in the knee and having papers tossed off the desk?  I say man up Lt. Gordo!  Why do we need to turn 5 year olds into criminals for 5 year old behavior?  If we realize my points in the preceding paragraph you will realize that this type of response to youthful behavior is intentional.  It is designed to break the will and spirit of the child.  Lt. Gordo appears to be on a power trip here.  Maybe he would make a good TSA Officer where he could harass and pat down old women and children.


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Ron Paul CNN Debate Highlights


CNN held a GOP Presidential foreign policy debate that was sponsored by neoconservative think tanks, the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.  Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house.  These neocon organizations have led to our foreign interventionism.  Regardless, Ron Paul shines!

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